Corporate Memberships


Business Owners: Find out the many benefits to having your staff become physically fit.


Increase in motivation, performance, less sick days, etc are just some of the benefits you’ll see in your staff. Setting up an account with us is free to your business, and has many benefits to employees. Discover what fitness can do for your business.


            Call Stacey Lee-Nelson,  Assistant Manager at (360) 385-6560, or e-mail at                                          for details! 


All Corporate Memberships are 1-Year



  • *4 or more employees   

  • *Authorized person signs to

  •    take responsibility for all

  •    the paying of dues for the

  •    entire group.  

  • * Invoiced at the end of each

  •    month for the following

  •    month, paid with one check,

  •    debit or credit card & due on

  •    the 1st. 

  •  *Usually paid for by each

  •    employee of the corporation

  •    via payroll deduction.  (This

  •    is entirely up to each business

  •    and done on their end, not

  •    the club's.)             


Fees & Dues:


Enrollment: $40.00 Individual

                  $60.00 Couple

                  $95.00 Family (3)

                  $114.00 Family (4) 


Monthly Dues: 

      Individual:  $48/month

      Couple:      $81/Month

      Family (3)   $105/month

      Family (4)   $111/month

NEW!!!  The Port Townsend Athletic Club now offers Corporate Members the Paid in Full

              option!  Please contact Member Services for a current price list!!


Current Corporate Memberships:


The Leader

Dove House

Port of Port Townsend

PT Paper Mill

Jefferson County

City of Port Townsend

Jefferson Transit Authority

Wallyworks Enterprises, LTD

Jefferson Healthcare

Newport Academy @ the Ranch

Port Townsend School District

Port Townsend Food Co-Op

Water Street Hotel

Port Townsend Rowing Club


Jefferson Land Trust

Northwest Natural Resources

Port Townsend Bicycle Association

Silverwater Cafe

Charlie Kanieski, CPA

Townsend Electric

AAUW (American Association of University Women)                                  The Uptown Pub

U.S Coast Guard (US CUTTER OSPREY)                                                   Marine Surveys

Lifecare of Port Townsend                                                                      K.M.I.

Fort Wordon State Park Employees                                                          Frank's Antique Mall

7 Cedar Casino Employees

For the Health of It!

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