• Stacey Lee-Nelson

Welcome Back To The Team, Eric Nagy!!

Did you know that Eric has come back to Port Townsend Athletic Club? Yep! And we couldn't be happier!!

Eric has re-joined our team as one of our CrossFit Coaches. He is an amazing trainer! He brings intensity and true technique to each and every class, while maintaining a completely caring attitude. Plus his classes are fun!

For those of you unfamiliar with the CrossFit system it's about strengthening and conditioning (while having fun!!). It is a very effective format for performing functional movements in a generally short time frame with high intensity. Using resistance together with metabolic conditioning and gymnastic movements, it utilizes a fast-paced group exercise program that can be tailored to anyone, at any level. You just change the scale and intensity level for your own needs to get maximum power output and amazing results. It's hard and very rewarding work!!

Eric's class meets Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 a.m. and the class goes to 8:00. do not need to be a Club Member to join CrossFit. And the first one is free, member or not!! Come to PTAC Member Services for class details, a more in-depth description and orientation information. See ya there!!

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