• Stacey Lee-Nelson

Christmas for Children at PTAC!!

We all know that our members at Port Townsend Athletic Club are the very, very best......and this year, the proof seems to be in the Christmas Pudding!!

Each Holiday Season we join the wonderful people at the Christmas for Children Foundation in their effort to bring presents to our local children in need. Every year those tags on our tree are gone in mere moments! This year is no exception. (Pictured here are Lindsay and Randi and their Christmas for Children donation. So wonderful!!)

The way it works is every present tag has a child's "id" on it along with gender and Christmas wish. A person interested in donating takes a tag from the tree and purchases the wished for item. They then bring the item, new and unwrapped, to the club where we are happy to store them. This year, all donated items are due by the 14th of December. The foundation then picks up all donated items just after the last day of the drive.

Although all 40 tags we had this year are already gone we have some good news. Just today we received 16 more!! If you are interested, please come on in and grab one......or contact the foundation @ 360-379-4207.

Lastly, we just want to say thank you to all the people who have participated this year. Your generosity is so very appreciated and helps us all to spread good cheer during this most wonderful time of the year.

(If you know someone with a child in need, please have them call the above number.)

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