• Stacey Lee-Nelson

Our Very Own Expert Volunteer!!

Did you know that we at Port Townsend Athletic Club are lucky enough to have our very own Expert Volunteer? We do!! Her name is Katie Shaffer and she is the best!

Katie comes every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in the afternoon for about an hour and helps around the club with whatever needs doing. She does things like greeting members, showing them around and helping them locate equipment. Katie is key in keeping our club dust and mote free. She is also an integral part of our ever-present challenge in keeping caught up on laundry. (Ah......gym towels, right???)

Undoubtedly, a couple of Katie's best qualities are her charm and exuberance for everything. She is always in a great mood and completes all tasks with a great big smile! In fact, her smile with captivate and hook you completely!

Yes, PTAC is pretty darn lucky to have Katie around. Thank you, Katie. For all you do......and for just being YOU!!

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