• Stacey Lee-Nelson

The Club's Power Couple....Hope & Michael

Please meet Hope Borsato and Michael Zimmerman. Two of the nicest people you may ever meet. In addition to being great, they are also very dedicated to their work outs here at PTAC and can be seen here pretty much daily. They even love to do back-to-back (to back!) classes. When asked to take part in a spotlight for the club they had this to say:

Hope, a 59 year old women not foreign to exercise, is new to having a gym membership. Not something routine in her past. Now, however, morning group fitness classes here at the club make up her new ritual.

Michael, a 67 year old man, says he hasn't stepped foot into a gym in 45 years. He is glad, he says, that he stepped through the PTAC doors in December!

The couple believe that outdoor activities take priority. Planning ahead for these winter months when the weather makes it hard to do the things they love outside, they opted to join our gym to keep fit. September sees them harvesting PNW grown items and in October they hunt black tail deer. November and December keep the couple busy with holidays and family. But they were looking for a better way to endure the wet season and overcast skies so typical of our area. They found that PTAC was a solid, affordable way to increase their fitness together and enjoy "our place, our town".

They say that although their fitness levels vary, our classes allow them to work out together and to end their work outs at the same time. They maintain that they get all the benefits of exercising together and have made it their daily ritual.

Hope and Michael drive to the club all the way from Marrowstone Island. So after a good workout in a couple of classes they reward themselves with a local coffee. It's a great way to connect with friends and make new ones, too!

They say that their new routine through PTAC has enriched their bodies, minds and souls. "Thank You, Port Townsend Athletic Club and Staff!"

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