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Namaste, Stephen Cade

Stephen Cade ‘Eternal Yoga Flow’

Stephen Cade has been a committed yoga instructor, continuously, since 1991. He is a perpetual student and seeker of knowledge who studies the sciences within the art of healing the human condition. He practices a progressive eclectic style with both therapeutic and challenging elements to help nurture and reclaim wholeness. He combines Iyengar alignments with specifically engineered, dynamic flows that posess imaginative, dancelike, transitional continuity. They allow one to move in and out of thresholds of limitation promoting the happiness that accompanies passion.

He has been a massage therapist since 1989, and through that filter, he serves the students individual needs, challenges and gifts with kindness, humor and dignity.

The classes always begin with participants supinated on blankets. The design of the long warm ups are core oriented with inversions, extensions, self massage and spinal rotations, giving the practitioners time to tune inward both psychologically and physiologically. The theory being it alleges to the neotenous nature of homo sapiens, our long childhoods, unique to human biology. Jacob Bronowski, “The Accent of Man”.

We eventually rise into seated and archetypal standing asanas through a constant slow ladder of promotion and ascension. The practiced physical action and breath work performed for the long term goal, ultimately returning to the blanket: to the earth…

Stephen says that he has had the honor of instructing at the Port Townsend Athletic Club for 3 years. He appreciates the genuine, grounded nature of the members and the humility, dedication and sincerity of his fellow staff.

In his own words, "The art of teaching celebrates, empowers and shapes both the instructor and the student. The magic occurs with the unification of both."

Please join Stephen and his class in "Yoga Flow" Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 p.m.

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