• Stacey Lee-Nelson

Member Spotlight....Gabriel Johnston & Colton Newton

Please meet Gabe and Colton, two young men who have a passion for fitness and for PTAC. They are both great guys. We adore them and love the energy they bring to our club.

The fact that these young men are so very dedicated to exercise and good health at their age is quite remarkable. In fact, it’s refreshing! They would like to share their thoughts and we think it’s grand......and worth paying attention to.

“There is something truly incredible about waking at 5 a.m. and exercising. Enduring a hard workout gives you a rush of endorphins that is better than any drug out there. You’re snapped wide awake with a passion. Your motivation is ignited to tackle the day with gusto. After the initial intensity of your morning workout, the entire rest of your day is a cake-walk with nothing but positive energy and joy coursing through your veins. Your mood is lifted and productivity increases drastically. It only takes one class to get hooked and having our gym is an incredible gift. There is nothing like watching you get stronger and stronger as the months go by. Watching others progress, too, is inspiring. Structure and dedication is what it takes to stay away for negative influences.”

When our youth speaks out so eloquently about things so important we should not only pay attention, we should celebrate!

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