• Stacey Lee-Nelson

Girls Night Out 2018!!

Girl Power, Strong Women.......Truly a tailor made theme for the club!!

What a great night out this year! Again! Not surprisingly, the Port Townsend community brought it to us with flair, strength and POWER!! You go, girls!!

Here at the club we enjoyed a steady trickle of ladies as they made the rounds. We gave tours, we had some demos, we had tasty beverages and snacks. Not to mention the good company!! Plus many, many of you entered our drawing for a Free 3 Month Membership. Thank you to all for picking us for the drawing! Winner this year is Ginger Long!! Yay!

Thanks to all of you ladies, and even a few gents, who participated in our part of this awesome event!!! It was wonderful to see you all and looking forward to next year!!

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